Teachers are meant to teach, right?


I received a letter from my son’s teacher today.  It says:

Dear Parents’Guardians:

Your child completed 0/9 eLearning assignments for a percent of 0% completion.  Any assignment that was not completed your child will earn a score of 0% for that assignment. All of your child’s assignments were uploaded on their iPads prior to the eLearning Day.  Your child new exactly what was expected of them.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call.email me at any time.  I will not be accepting any late assignments.  Your child had 4 days to complete their work.

Please sign the bottom portion of this and return it to school tomorrow.


Now what I want to do is take a GIANT RED PEN and mark this letter up for it’s serious and vast grammatical errors.  (I may still do this).

Let me explain the assignment. Her reference to the assignments being uploaded to the iPads:

My son took pictures of workbook pages and no instructions on how they should be completed.  He and I worked through those said pages on Friday.  Or at least what pages that weren’t too blurry to read.  There was NO uploading involved.  Absolutely NO involvement from the teacher.  I love her liberal use of technology terms to cover for her not doing what she said she did.

I would also like to mention that she stated that only 6 of 26 students completed all of the eLearning assignments.  I’m not a teacher, but I have managed several people.  If the majority of people fail to complete something the way you told them too, it is very likely that they didn’t do it because you didn’t explain it in a way that was easily understood, or possibly a way that could be interpreted in many different ways.

So  I posted her poor excuse for a letter on Facebook.  I let teachers who taught me when I was younger weigh in on the plight that is affecting our schools.  Teachers who loved to teach.  Teachers who couldn’t believe that the letter came from someone in the same profession.

Now, maybe his teacher used to love teaching.  Maybe it is the bureaucracy of state mandated curriculum that has sucked the love of teaching out of her.  Or maybe she’s just burnt out.  Honestly, I don’t care.  When you have chosen the path to guide the future generations, then you had better suck it up and guide them.

I know I am running the possibility of her taking this out on my son.  I will know immediately if she does.  Something has to be said.  Not only for my son, but for every other child that is in this position.